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Sustainable Vegan Shirts from Solution Dance Center. 


Fair, sustainable & vegan! Anyone who @  Broke Ass Millionaires   knows how important sustainability is to us. And we are not just talking about environmental damage, but also about human rights violations and animal suffering. Quality, durability and comfort are in the DNA of the new Solution Clothing line. Each fabric is considered and weighed and must meet strict criteria. The cotton used for our clothing comes 100% from organic cotton cultivation. The polyester is made on the basis of recycled polyester, with which we contribute to the circular economy. All shirts are sustainably produced and finished to perfection. Honest sustainable vegan shirts that do not harm people, animals and the environment. Buy one of the different colors in the webshop or on location for € 25.00!

Let's be stylish and create a better future together

Fade Sustainable t-shirt

Sustainable Vegan - Shirt
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