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Single classes
/trial class

Would you like to take a class 

and not be committed to anything? Then you can purchase a single classes.

A trial class is FREE for ages

up to 14 years old.

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Would you like to take classes but not committed to anything?

Then a punchcard is one of the

 cheapest options.

With punchcards you get a number of credits that are valid for a certain period of time.

You can take class in Zaandam & Almere with your punchcard or subscription.

With your credits you can register for all regular classes on our schedule.

With an unlimited punchcard you receive a 25% discount on studio rental (non-profit)  &

10% discount on workshops, pop-up classes and events.

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With a subscription you pay a lower, fixed price per month.

With subscription you can take classes in Zaandam and Almere.

We have the options

  • 1x per week

  • 2x per week

  • Unlimited/ Unlimited    (upgrade for only €10 p.m.)


After registration you remain registered for 6 months.

After 6 months, the subscription can be canceled monthly with a notice period of the current calendar month + one month. 


Upgrading your subscription is always possible!



Tarieven jeugd lessen
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Single classes
/trial class

Trial lesson                              FREE

1 Single class                          12.50

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2 single classes (1 day)               21.00

10 credits (3 months)                  85.00

50 credits (9 months)                333.00

100 credits (12 months)            525.00

Unlimited credits(12 months)    621.00  

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Monthly subscription1 x p.w.      32.50

Monthly subscription 2 x p.w.     52,50

Monthly subscription Unlimited  62.50

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